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July Market Best Sellers

We are excited to share with you some of our best sellers from the July Market. If you want to add any of these show best sellers to your order or want to find out more about them, call your rep or call our offices for help. Scroll down and take a look and click on the links to see more.


    Candle Warmers

Candle Warmers Final





               Virginia Gift Brands













               Blue Sky Wireless

bluesky pic final











           The Cute Little Soap Shop


Mother’s Day Special and More!

mother's Day Special

Inis Energy of the Sea

Here is a great Mother’s Day special from Inis Energy of the Sea! Inis is a sparkling, inisclusterclean unisex scent that captures the freshness and clarity of the ocean. It’s a fragrance favorite around the world and has fabulous packaging and displays! Free freight and free product! You can’t beat that! Here are the exciting details:

  • FREE FREIGHT on orders of $400+
  • FREE FREIGHT + 6 Free Inis Cosmetic Bags (a $60 retail value) on orders of $550+
  • ALL of the above + 6 Free Full-Sized Hand Creams (a $99 retail value) on orders of $750+ 

SeeINinis-starter all the amazing products from Inis, here! Hurry, the Mother’s Day Special ends soon!






Abdallah Candies: Great Mother’s Day Gift

Abdallah chocolate! Need I say more?  It tastes as good as it looks and is a great gift item for Mother’s Day and spring and summer hostess gifts! Choose from truffles, creams, caramels, and more including the tempting sea salt almond alligators pictured below. Yum!

abdallah see salt chocolate alligators

Some of their most popular items include strawberry cheesecaAbdallah truffleske creams, cashew
grizzlies, and sea salt caramels. But I think the margarita truffles sound pretty interesting. And the dark chocolate pineapple creams too! Abdallah has colorful packaging for spring and amazing assortments to stock up on!  Visit Abdallah Candies to see their delicious selections and hurry and order their pretty boxed assortments so you have them in your store for Mother’s Day!





Show Specials! Limited Time!


We’ve got some fantastic show specials for you! So, if you missed the show or not,  there’s still time to order! The specials are available for a limited time, so hurry and contact your Link 2 Sales rep to take advantage of these great deals! Click on the vendor names to take a look at the catalogs.

Abdallah Candies

  • 50% off Freight on $225 pre-pack orders

Accent Accessories

  • 50% off $750 order
  • Free Freight with $1000 order
  • $9 Magic Pantz ($11 plus size)


  • Free Freight with $500 order


  • N60 with $500 order


  • 5% off 4 core assorts & 6 panel merchandiser
  • 5% off $750 order for existing accounts


  • 10% off $500 order
  • Free Freight with $1000 order

Candle Warmers, etc.

  • 50% Freight on $600 order
  • Free Freight on $1000 order


  • Free Tote with $500 order
  • Free Freight and Tote with $1500 order
  • Free Freight and Tote with $2500 order

Custom Decor

  • 5% off $750
  • 10% off $1500

Duke Cannon

  • Free Sample Kit with $500 order
  • 50% off Freight with $1000 order


  • 10% off or more with $1500 order


  • Free Freight with $500 order
  • Free Freight + 6 free cosmetic bags with $750 order

Gift Works Plus

  • Free Display Unit with Display Order

Great Finds

  • 10% off $750 order of Fall/Christmas product

It’s a Girl Thing

  • 6 Free Mugs with order of 36 Mugs
  • 6 Free Tumblers with order of 36 Tumblers


  • $50 Free Product with $500 order
  • $100 Free Product with $100 order

Little Blue House by Hatley

  • Free Floor Display with Purchase of 1 Floor Display (both must be filled)

Lotti Dotties

  • Displays Offset


  • 5% off $350


  • N60 on $600 order
  • N90 on $900 order

Pure Drinkware

  • Free Display and 5% off order of small assort
  • Display & 10% off order of large assort


  • N90 with $1500 order
  • N90 & 5% off with $200 order
  • 10% off $5000 order
  • N90 & Free Freight (5% with cc in lieu of terms)

Second Nature by Hand

  • 12 Free Towels ($100 + retail value) with $1000 order

Split P

  • N60 & Free Freight with $750 order
  • N90 & Free Freight with $1500 order

Straight Up Southern

  • 6 Free Tumblers with order of 36 Tumblers
  • New Lower Display Pricing

Sweet Bird

  • 8 Free Mugs with $1000 order
  • 5% off $500, 10% off $1500 ( holiday products only)
  • Best Seller Clock/Frames 25% off
  • Best Seller Signs 25% off


  • A: 72 Pairs – N30 & Free Freight
  • B: 96 Pairs – Slatwall Pkg. N30 & Free Freight
  • C: 144 Pairs – N60 & Free Large Fixture
  • D: 144 Pairs – N60 & 5% off
  • E. 180 Pairs – N60 & $1 off pair


  • 10% off $1000 order
  • 7% off $750 order
  • 5% off $500 order
  • Seasonal early buy dating programs



See You at the Show!

monsunshowWe are looking forward to seeing you at the show at AmericasMart. We’ve got so much planned –all with you in mind. Come and see us in Building 2, Suite 1600! Amazing Lines! Prizes! Show Specials! Lunch, Dinner, Plenty to Drink and More! Look what we have planned for you!


Monday, January 9

  • V.I.P. Day at the Link: Come see us for V.I.P. Specials, 9 am-5 pm!
  • Mimosa Monday: Shop and Sip 9:30 am-11 am! A great way to start the day!
  • Gifts! Special Discounts! All day!
  • Lunch and Drinks: Come join us 11 am-2 pm!


Tuesday, January 10

  • Come see us all day! Amazing Lines! Show Specials and More!
  • Lunch: Shop and Snack: 11-2!
  • Party On at the Link: Join us until 8 for music, drinks and fun!


Wednesday, January 11

  • Come see us all day! Amazing Lines! Show Specials and More!
  • Free Breakfast with The Shine Project’s CEO and Founder Ashley LeMieux, “How Philanthropic Marketing Can Inspire Your Customers” 8 am-9 am, Bldg. 2, Floor 3, Room 203A (SHOW UP and WIN! Two $50 Gift Cards will be Awarded at Breakfast!)
  • Lunch: Shop and snack: 11 am-2 pm!
  • Shop, Spin, Win: Spin our wheel for prizes: 5 pm-7 pm!
  • Dinner at the Link: 5 pm-7 pm
  • Party On at the Link: Music, Drinks and Fun: 5 pm-8 pm!


Thursday, January 12

  • Mimosa Morning: Shop and Sip: 9:30 am-11 am!
  • Lunch: Shop and Snack: 11 am-2 pm!
  • Meet artist Susan Winget from Great Finds and WIN a free gift!: 3 pm and (Link 2 Sales Showroom, Bldg. 2 Suite 1600)
  • Shop, Spin, Win: Spin our wheel for prizes 5 pm-7 pm!
  • Dinner at the Link: 5 pm-7 pm!
  • Party On at the Link: Music, drinks and fun 5 pm- 8 pm!


Friday, January 13

  • Come see us all day! Amazing Lines! Show Specials and More!
  • Lunch: Shop and snack: 11 am-2 pm!
  • Dinner at the Link: 5 pm-8 pm!


Saturday, January 14

  • Come see us all day! Amazing Lines! Show Specials and More!
  • Lunch: Shop and snack: 11 am-2 pm!
  • Dinner at the Link: 5 pm-8 pm!
  • Play Off Time: Come spend the evening with other sports fans: 4 pm-8 pm!


Sunday, January 15

  • Come see us all day! Amazing Lines! Show Specials and More!
  • Lunch: Shop and snack: 11 am-2 pm!
  • Play Off Time: Come spend the evening with other sports fans: 4 pm-8pm!


January 16 & 17

See AmericasMart for all the details!

Have questions about the show? Ask us in the comments below. We’re happy to help.















Introducing Pure Drinkware!

PurecollectionphotofinalPure Drinkware is just that — pure! It’s free from BPA, BPS and BPF. Pure bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 in all temperatures! They are vacuum insulated and have a double wall that is pure 304 stainless steel. Pure Drinkware comes in a variety of sizes and colors and they’re great for barbecues, tailgating, boating, the beach or for anyone wanting to live an active and pure lifestyle. Pure also offers scratch resistant surfaces which means the bottles not only keep beverages at the right temperature but they’ll always look great while doing their job! And, the best news is Pure Drinkware is priced much lower than all their competitors!


Pure Advantages:


  • Copper plated inner wall –the copper advantage
  • Vacuum insulated
  • Double wall is pure 304 stainless steel
  • Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours in any temperatures
  • Keeps beverages hot for 12 hours in any temperatures
  • Stainless steel is BPA, BPS, and BPF FREE
  • Available in many color matte, scratch resistant finishes
  • Contamination free
  • Lower priced than the competitors

Talk to your rep about this exciting drinkware line and the specials available! Pure Drinkware