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2019 Color Trend Report


Pantone 2019 1

The 2019 color trend predictions are in! Pantone’s color of the year will be announced this December. In September, however, Pantone chooses colors from the runways of New York fashion week to give us an idea of what to expect for color palettes in the new year.


The color picks are meant to transcend seasonality and, with their bright and vibrant hues, point us toward the future with optimism and positivity. Pantone’s take on the reds, oranges, and coral chosen for 2019 is that they reflect enthusiasm and joyfulness, enlivening fashion with a streak of energy. The most obvious and striking colors are a bright blue and hot pink, meant to be theatrical, cheerful, and majestic.

Pantone 2019 2

Vogue has a bit of different take on the striking blue and fuchsia;  they are calling the blue a “digital blue,” reflecting the shades inside our social media platforms and evoking technology and the future. Also in Vogue’s notes is “whisky brown,” a color Pantone is calling a toffee tone, that looks like wood grain and warms the fashion color palette. The greens, a mossy shade and an olive, remind us of the natural world and how we connect with it. A few other colors we will see are lilacs (also called lavender), goldenrod yellow, bright orange that Vogue says is “vitaminic,” and gray that’s taking over for the black in the “little black (now gray) dress.”

Pantone 2019 3Pantone 2019 Neutrals

Not to be eclipsed, but rather combined with the fashion colors are the trends for home décor. Sherwin Williams has already announced their colors of the year for 2019, of which the main pick is called “Reflecting Pool.” We can see this greenish blue picked up in the “earthy” colors from the fashion palette, and looking through some of Sherwin Williams’ palettes, we can easily see the shocking fuchsia and a darkened blue that blur the lines between the digital and the physical. Take a look at the sidebar for tips on how to use these colors to your advantage.

Our Vendors in the News!

Save the Girls

Link2Sales is proud to represent a line of purses with such a great goal. Save the Girls has a touchscreen purse that makes it super easy to use and access your cell phone and prevents ladies from carrying phone in their bras. This prevents potentially harmful breast cancer-causing agents from sitting directly on a woman’s chest. Ten percent of Save the Girls profits go to breast cancer research! Check out what this Fox News interview has to say about the brand:

Simbi Haiti

Simbi is a women’s accessory brand focused on ethical consumerism. Their collection of bracelets, necklaces, and hair ties is handcrafted, fashionable, and they give back by philanthropic efforts to bring clean water to the people of Haiti. This news focuses on their collaboration with hair care brand, Sun Bum. The two companies came together for a special release of Sun Bum’s conditioner spray that features a limited edition Simbi hair tie! Read more by clicking on the photo below.

Simbi Collaborates with Sun Bum


Sullivan’s is known for being a home decor line with unbeatable customer service and a fantastic line of products. So when they recently acquired the Utah-based Darren Gygi Home Collection, it became a highly anticipated merger. Read more about it by clicking the link below:

Sullivans and Darren Gygi Home

Darren Gygi Home Sullivans

Boost Sales with In Store Events

The Link Companies is lucky to work with so many creative and enthusiastic vendors who are willing to step in and make markets truly epic events. How is this relevant to you and your store? The same vendors we work with are those you buy from, and they are open to assisting you with and sponsoring in store events! The easiest way to set something like this up is by talking to your Link Companies rep. Send a quick email and find out how you can connect with the vendor that has the bestselling merchandise in your store to create a one of a kind event for your customers.

Why go through the trouble of putting on an in store event? In store events are shown to do the following:

  • Increase foot traffic in your store. If you offer hot chocolate during a holiday shopping event, the people will come to your store! Even if they don’t buy something, they now know about what you offer.
  • Which brings us to brand awareness – coming into the store during an event may be the first time they ever stepped in. Now they can see what brands you carry and make a mental note that they can pick up these products at YOUR place.
  • Events are a sales booster. Particularly if you have an event on a Thursday evening, let’s say, and normally your traffic flow on Thursday is relatively slow. Suddenly you have additional cash flow, especially if you offer a little sale or incentive with the event.
  • This is a chance for you to do marketing! Be sure your customers are signing up for your social media accounts and newsletters, and offer incentives for them to do so.
Abdallah Candies is ready for Fall

Most retailers really push for in store events when traffic is absolutely essential: The Holiday Season! The Link Team sat down and came up with some ideas for your November and December holiday events:

  • Wine and chocolate with Abdallah Candies! Abdallah has probably one of the tastiest gifts of the season. Why not offer a sampling of these delicious chocolates, with a little liquid embellishment, to get your customers started?
  • Girls-Night-Out events are already a popular theme with retailer events. You could put a twist on this with a “Girls-Night-In” event! Feature products to turn an average evening into an at-home spa experience, like Farmhouse Fresh. Farmhouse touts skincare that is “scrumptiousness for the skin,” with lotions, milk baths, face masks, and more!Farmhouse Three Milk
  • A “Mistletoe Market” for children, with a small section of gifts priced under $20, on low shelves, for children to get for their moms and dads! This is a great way to include the whole family, and for children to make memories in your store.

At the event, make sure your customers sign up for your newsletter or social media accounts. You can even turn this into an in-person contest! Have stylists or associates go around and tell customers that by following you on social media and posting about their in-store experience (whether it’s a quick mention on Facebook, or a little picture on Instagram), they have a chance to win a contest! Raffle away items in your store that are hot commodities but not big ticket items.

Still looking for ideas? Check out Gifts & Dec’s nominees for best store events for more! Gifts & Dec also has some excellent Fall Promotions to check out.

As always, any of the products mentioned in this post can be ordered by contacting your Link2Sales rep, or by ordering online at

Featured Fall Decor

Link2Sales vendors are well stocked with all the Fall Decor your customers need to add a little extra pizzazz to their households this Autumn! Here are some items we thought were worth featuring.

Brownlow Gifts has a number of goodies for Fall, including recipe cards, spatulas, and adorable gift baskets including a yummy spiced Apple Cider drink mix! We chose to highlight the decor piece of the puzzle; this tin sign is inspired by vintage ceiling tiles. It has an antique, hand-rubbed finish and a jute hanger. It makes for an adorable decoration in any home.



Sullivans’ Fall decor selection is a dream come true! Our favorites include this pumpkin dish (with a lid) that makes a fantastic cookie or candy jar, the adorable pumpkin plate that accents a countertop or an autumn dinner spread, and the gorgeous, bright fall foliage featured with a combination of bouquets! This photo really shows off what Sullivans can do to help jazz up your harvest home decor.



Last but not least, SplitP gives us a taste of the “flavors of fall” in their collection of “warm hues and images for the kitchen, table, and home.” These hues are reflected in candle holders, rustic flatware, and autumnal table runners, napkins, and placemats! This photo features the “Sweet Autumn” printed placemat, table runner, and napkin.  You can order any of these products right now by contacting your Link2Sales rep, or by visiting to place an online order. Happy Fall, Y’all!


Quality Rest & Relaxation!

The next month and a half is an unusually calm time; until Halloween happens in October and the Holiday season is in full swing, parents will have a short respite from the insanity of back to school and holiday shopping. This is the time for retailers to step up their game and show Mom and Dad how they can treat themselves to a little Rest & Relaxation!

Duke Cannon Buffalo Trace

A spa day for men sounds a little unlikely. Combining a common relaxation aid – whiskey – with shower time is about as close as most men want to get to any kind of spa day. This is where Duke Cannon comes to the rescue with Buffalo Trace soap. And even if a guy doesn’t drink whiskey, the soap still smells fantastic!

Farmhouse Bathtub


Women, obviously, are no strangers to a spa day. And even better, an at-home spa day so they don’t need to pay the big bucks to schedule at a swanky day spa. A way to capture the attention of weary moms who need a “Stay-cation” is a bath and body themed display of products. Farmhouse Fresh is your go-to vendor!


They are known for their ridiculously tasty-smelling face masks, milk lotions, and shea butter balms. Since they smell good enough to eat, it might be best to eat a few cookies while using them in the bath!


Little Blue House couple pjsWhat about a date night? There’s no better R&R than a night for the two heads of the household to get together and chill while the kids are asleep. Why bother with a babysitter when you can have a great time at home with a movie? Little Blue House has the perfect thing to keep it comfortable and relaxed – jammies! With an entire category of “Family Pajamas,” the kids can join in on the fun, too, for special Holiday looks. Or, keep it cozy just between mom and dad with adorable designs in flannel, cotton and jersey.


Any of these lines can be ordered to stock your store during this pre-holiday, short-lived calm by calling your Link2Sales rep. Duke Cannon and Farmhouse Fresh are also available via online order on!

Why Blog?

Coffee Cafe


Most businesses in today’s internet-focused landscape do have their own website. There are plenty of ways to make a website appealing to potential customers, but one often overlooked opportunity is a blog. A blog can be something as simple as a quick weekly article promoting the business and products, about the team, a glimpse into the inner workings of the business, or even helpful tips for your customers. With so many potential topics, it’s fairly easy to maintain a blog, though so many businesses disregard its potential power.

Here are five reasons why a Blog is an excellent tool for your business:

  1. Increases your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When someone does a search for you on Google, or any other browser, how likely are you to show up? Some lucky stores and businesses have a one-of-a-kind name and show up right away. But others need to work a little harder to pop up when someone searches “small boutique” and the town’s name. Writing a blog with useful and interesting content is a great way to get your website and store in the eye of the Googler.
  2. Engage with Content. As mentioned previously, the better your content is in the blog, the more you will keep readers coming back for more. Think about an average Monday. How many times are you distracted at work? Most people get tired of looking at their social media feeds and want something else to check out. Offer up tips, tricks, new looks, product information – really, anything that you think will engage your specific audience to gain a repeated readership.
  3. Engagement with your Customers. Have a contest on your blog! Your readers can potentially win a gift card, or a gift basket from your store if they read the blog and enter to win. Be creative with this. Your customers want to feel like more than a simple transaction. A blog is a great way to share stories about people shopping in store (favorite regulars), or to get feedback on the store or business.
  4. Link to your Social Media. Maybe you’re already a wiz at social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Or, maybe you need a little help gaining followers on these channels. If a customer is on your website, be sure to link to your social media feeds from the website and/or blog. Contests like the one mentioned in the last tip can be run through Facebook or Instagram. Or, you can take a simple Facebook post and add much more content to it by creating a link to a new blog article!
  5. Sell More! The bottom line is to utilize your website to increase business. Blogging gives you an easy opportunity to highlight products and, in turn, sell more. Have a monthly blog featuring brand new items to your store. Or, do what we did and send out a blast about the best sellers. Customers always want to know what everyone else is buying – show them on your blog. And be sure to give your personal favorites as suggestions, too. Link to your ecommerce site or give instructions on how to buy.

Top Five Items from July Gift

The July Gift Show was a major success for Link2Sales, and we

1. Duke Cannon – Granddad’s Work Bench Bundle is the top selling item for Link2Sales! This assortment is comprised of Duke Cannon’s best selling men’s gifts, which makes it a sure fire winner for any store. Not only does the display resemble an actual wooden work bench, but the sign lights up for the ultimate Duke Cannon soap experience!

2. Periwinkle’s Rose Gold Collection is hot for the Holidays, or any other time of year! If you’re looking for the right gift for a picky, trend-following lady, this jewelry is exactly what your customer needs. Periwinkle’s earrings are ranked #3 in the Earring category in GiftBeat Magazine. This is a tried and true product that works, and is always reflecting the latest and greatest fashions.


3. Candle Warmer’s pluggable essential oil diffuser kit is next on our best seller list. These diffusers use 100% pure, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils to turn any space into a spa-like experience. They gently warm, allowing the fragrance to disperse slowly. LED lights on the face of the dispenser can cycle through 8 different colors, or remain a single color.


4. Inis Energy of the Sea’s travel size cologne was a huge hit at the July gift show for Link2Sales! Inis is a unisex fragrance that’s popular in whatever size or form – as soap, moisturizer, candles, or cologne. But, the portability and convenience of the travel size bottle seems to resonate with the masses. This clean, fresh fragrance is inspired by the ocean.


5. Last but not least, Chala Handbags rounds up this best seller list with an adorable crossbody wallet featuring a Llama – whoa mama! Carry your everyday essentials in this compact bag. The most popular color is mustard, which is sure to add a pop to daily outfits.

All of our top selling items can be ordered right now on Click the hyperlinks above to go directly to the specific vendor.