About Us

Link 2 Sales is a Southeastern sales agency under the umbrella of The Link Companies, which began in 1985, as “The Southern Link” — a manufacturer’s representative agency linking retailers with a variety of gifts and collectibles. The family business was founded on a set core of principles adhering to a specific vision statement: to be the most respected sales agency in the country.


Founded in 2003, Link 2 Sales is committed to helping our retail and vendor partners grow. We remain focused on providing an invaluable service to our customers through honesty and reliability. The team represents a wide variety of products catering to any type of retail environment. Link 2 Sales offers a unique “planned approach” to selling that benefits our retail and vendor partners. People and relationships are our greatest asset.


Vision statement:

We exist to provide revenue opportunities that positively impact people though our relationships.

Mission statement:

We provide sales and marketing services for quality companies.



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