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All New Vendors at Link 2 Sales!

It’s show time, and there’s no better time for us to release some amazing new lines for you to view while at Market! If you’re looking for some awesome t-shirts for men and women, we have inspirational tees from Crazy Cool Threads and brother brand, Hobby Life, and also color-changing tees (just like the ones you wore in the ’90’s, only better!) by Del Sol! Life Rings and Ellora Jewelry make two extremely different types of jewelry. Read below to find out more, or just stop by our showroom on the 16th floor of Building 2 this week and see them in person.


Crazy Cool Threads  is a Faith based company that has set out to design on-trend quality Christ centered clothing to reach and influence people.




Del Sol is the world’s leading brand of color-changing apparel and accessories. Have fun in the sun with Del Sol color-changing shirts, nail polish, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, hair accessories and much more!




Hobby Life is an outdoor and sports adventure tee brand, a lifestyle brand that brings hobbies into your everyday style. “Make life a hobby” is a motto to live by.





Life Rings is a proudly owned family business and is proud to offer high quality, patent pending silicone rings. They offer over 24 different colors for both Men and Women! These rings are ideal for active individuals and have a patent pending design that not only makes it breathable, but has a gripping technology to prevent slippage.



Ellora JewelryEach Ellora jewelry product comes with a special note to keep or to pass on. Life is special, people are special, time is special.


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