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Quality Rest & Relaxation!

The next month and a half is an unusually calm time; until Halloween happens in October and the Holiday season is in full swing, parents will have a short respite from the insanity of back to school and holiday shopping. This is the time for retailers to step up their game and show Mom and Dad how they can treat themselves to a little Rest & Relaxation!

Duke Cannon Buffalo Trace

A spa day for men sounds a little unlikely. Combining a common relaxation aid – whiskey – with shower time is about as close as most men want to get to any kind of spa day. This is where Duke Cannon comes to the rescue with Buffalo Trace soap. And even if a guy doesn’t drink whiskey, the soap still smells fantastic!

Farmhouse Bathtub


Women, obviously, are no strangers to a spa day. And even better, an at-home spa day so they don’t need to pay the big bucks to schedule at a swanky day spa. A¬†way to capture the attention of weary moms who need a “Stay-cation” is a bath and body themed display of products. Farmhouse Fresh is your go-to vendor!


They are known for their ridiculously tasty-smelling face masks, milk lotions, and shea butter balms. Since they smell good enough to eat, it might be best to eat a few cookies while using them in the bath!


Little Blue House couple pjsWhat about a date night? There’s no better R&R than a night for the two heads of the household to get together and chill while the kids are asleep. Why bother with a babysitter when you can have a great time at home with a movie? Little Blue House has the perfect thing to keep it comfortable and relaxed – jammies! With an entire category of “Family Pajamas,” the kids can join in on the fun, too, for special Holiday looks. Or, keep it cozy just between mom and dad with adorable designs in flannel, cotton and jersey.


Any of these lines can be ordered to stock your store during this pre-holiday, short-lived calm by calling your Link2Sales rep. Duke Cannon and Farmhouse Fresh are also available via online order on!

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